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When we formed the firm, an old-line, traditional (e.g., stuffy) law firm was sometimes referred to as "white shoe law firm." To distance and distinguish our firm from that model, we positioned ourselves as A Different Kind of New York City White Shoe Law Firm, with our logo being a pair of white Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high tops.

The sneakers were meant to convey our commitment to providing legal services at the very highest levels of our profession (and a sense of humor about ourselves), but without the undue formality and inflexibility of the traditional white shoe firm. Our clients loved the image, got the message immediately and embraced the values our kind of white shoes were meant to convey.

Although our mission and practices have not changed, the "white shoe" reference to law firms has faded in popular culture, and we think it's important to keep moving forward and staying current. So, the sneakers continue on in spirit as a core part of our history and symbol of our values, attitudes and goals, but we thought it's time to "hang 'em up."

But not to worry. We're still very much a Different Kind of New York City Law Firm, no less fearless, inventive, nimble or responsive than when we laced up our high tops.