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Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving

Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving

Where did the year go? It seems as if we celebrated July 4th yesterday, but now we’re in the second half of December 2022 and next weekend is 2023. Have you bought your holiday gifts yet? Run out of ideas for a good holiday gift? Don’t worry. Our NFT Newsroom contributors have compiled a list of their favorite NFTs that may give you some inspiration.

For The Enthusiastic Exhibitor (Show-Off):

Tim suggests gifting a “printed NFT" this holiday season, which can be done through the service provider, Infinite Objects. In general, Infinite Objects “prints video” by presenting video clips in the form of a framed picture. When it comes to the NFT world, Infinite Objects also allows users to “print their NFT” by connecting their wallets storing the selected NFTs to Infinite Objects and verifying ownership. One example of the printed NFT is NBA Top Shot- rather than having NBA Top Shot presented in the form of NFT, owners can choose to print it out through Infinite Objects and showcase LeBron James’s dunking in a frame ( just like an ordinary framed picture). Of course, NFTs other than NBA Top Shot could also be printed, so if someone is not so keen on basketball, but is crazy about, say, ugly holiday sweaters, he or she could certainly mint a wide collection of ugly sweater NFTs and print them out as well. After all, what is better than a vivid collection of framed ugly sweater NFTs for holiday season?

Chih-Hsun (Tim) Lin

For The Sentimental Investor:

Rachel likes to hold onto her gifts for their sentimental values, so she suggests a Moonbirds NFT. Moonbirds is a “collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits. What’s more, each Moonbird unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them.” The period for which a Moonbird is held is called the “nesting” period, and there are bronze, silver, and gold tiers of benefits that can be achieved, the longer you “nest” your Moonbird. Plus, if your loved one enjoys traveling, holders of Moonbirds NFTs have had IRL meetups in Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, and London. We've definitely got a Moonbird on our wish list this year! Who knows, maybe if enough viewers encourage our NFT Newsroom to invest in a Moonbird, we could bring you new content from Europe!

Rachel J. Hong

For The Environmentally-Conscious:

For the environmentally conscious NFT enthusiast in your life, Mioko suggests gifting an NFTree by Coorest. The NFTree is linked to a real life tree planted and managed by Coorest. The owner of the token can keep it for 20 years and collect $CCO2 tokens equal to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the real life tree, or sell it. The $CCO2 tokens can also be burned into a Proof of Carbon Compensation Certificate on the Coorest platform. With all the bad rep that NFTs get for harming the environment, the NFTree appears to be an eco-conscious gift for your environmentally-conscious (or not so much) friend or loved one that allows them to get involved with NFTs without feeling too guilty about their carbon emissions.

Mioko C. Tajika

For The Die-Hard LA Rams Fan:

According to Mike, the perfect NFT present for 2022 would be a Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Ring minted by Dapper Labs. "These NFTs are the perfect gift for a die-hard LA Rams fan such as myself, and the NFTs would provide your fan a reprieve from the Rams’ disappointing title defense by taking them back to happier times." These NFTs can be purchased via the NFL All Day NFT platform for the average price of $63.03, though sales have been around $40.00 as recently as 12/18/2022. If you’re feeling really generous, you could upgrade to the Hall of Fame edition, with just 50 minted, which are trading for an average price of $1,028 as of the date of this article.

Michael A. Mulia

And as this year comes to a close, so too does this list of favorite holiday gifts. Tune in next week for our last, but certainly not least, post of 2022!

By: The NFT Newsroom Team