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We’re All Degens, So Let’s Do It Together

We’re All Degens, So Let’s Do It Together

By now, you’ve heard of NFTs, crypto, and/or blockchain. You’ve heard of celebrities, athletes, and large companies getting involved. But you’ve also heard that this world suffers from “bro-culture.” I want to find the “next big thing,” but I’m not a “bro.” Do I even want to get involved with NFTs or crypto? Fair enough.

According to a September 2021 survey by Finder, of the 2,001 Americans surveyed, 4.6% of men owned at least one NFT and only 1.2% of women owned at least one NFT. This gender gap of 3.3% is 1.1% higher than the average gender gap favoring men across the 20 countries surveyed. Similar gender gaps were seen in Brazil (2.7%), the UK (3.0%), Philippines (3.4&), Peru (3.5%), and Nigeria (3.7%).

However, interestingly, a more recent survey conducted in 2022 by United Talent Agency (UTA) shows that while still more men than women own NFTs, the gender gap is not as great. Of the 1,500 Americans surveyed, 6% own at least one NFT. And of those 6%, 59% are male, 40% are female, and 1% preferred not to say their gender identity. According to this study, there is an increased awareness of NFTs and desire to partake in owning an NFT across the board.


Image: The landscape of women-led web3 education as of August ‘22 sahared by saltspoon.

This seems promising, but perhaps you’re still skeptical. Maybe I’ll look into it, but where do I begin? With a seemingly endless amount of information on the internet, getting started may prove to be a daunting task. But lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of forward-thinking companies that we think you’ll find will cater to you at your level of comfort with getting involved.

If you're into the data:

DropToolz is a platform that “aggregates NFT data into easy-to-understand visually appealing dashboards.” Its features “help users make smarter well-informed NFT decisions.” Some of those features include multi-layer marketplace data, sales history, key performance indicators (KPI’s) gathered from insightful strategies from leading NFT investors and collectors, smart filters, data visualization, and rewards for engaging with Droptoolz.

If you’re a fan of podcasts:

The Nifty Chicks features NFT projects “created, led, featuring & appealing to women.” This podcast also hosts interviews with “leaders in the space along with tutorials, news, and NFTruths” sharing its journey through the metaverse.

VeeGinaz is a “female-led forum that showcases women creators, artists & entrepreneurs in the NFT space and beyond” with its last show on August 31, 2022.

Bad Bitch Empire empowers women to build worth and wealth in Web3 through events, education, and media “to break free of status quo ‘Good Girl Brainwashing’ and take charge of their body, boundaries, and bank account.” Its founder believes that massive disconnect is massive opportunity.

Hello Sunshine was founded by Reese Witherspoon and is a media company that “puts women at the center of every story we create, celebrate and discover.” Hello Sunshine offers a book club and a podcast.

If you’re more of a visual person and prefer to watch videos:

Nifty World NFT has a Youtube channel for those who are new to NFT, are looking for beginners guides, and want to follow the founder’s NFT journey as she invests in NFTs and helps her partner become an NFT artist and grow within the NFT community.

Social Lady Agency provides “Web3, community building & social media consulting, management, and content marketing services” and also provides videos and blogs on its website.

Boss Beauties provides videos and valuable tips on its website and is a branch of the Boss Beauties Foundation, which is “on a mission to make a difference providing mentorship programs and internships to women in High School and College, while funding scholarships for women in the community.”

If you’d like to grow with the company:

Queer Friends is still in its infancy, but a great opportunity to get involved early and grow with the company.

Meta Queens Club is dropping a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs in August 2022. The founder is “joining forces with world elite entrepreneurs, pro-athletes, celebrities, influencers, and tech geniuses.”

If you’re seeking guidance on launching your own NFT collection or tokens:

Mintdropz is a “full suite of tools for creators, developers, and innovators who want to build blockchain applications and get creative without having to use a development team or be technical to do so.”

Hey Layer is a “one-stop platform for managing NFT campaigns at scale, focused on making it super simple for brands to transition to Web3. HeyLayer’s no-code solution includes free and easy minting (no gas fees!), customized NFT storefronts, Credit Card checkout, and minting APIs for complete white-label integration.”

Social Lady Agency provides “Web3, community building & social media consulting, management, and content marketing services.”

Cominted Labs is a studio to “help brands & creators navigate this fast-paced ecosystem and co-build innovative web3 experiences.”

The Glue provides “services and resources to cover every aspect of launching and maintain a long lasting NFT project.”

If you’re looking to immerse yourself:

All Stars Women DAO is a platform offering resources women need to thrive in their careers or their venture journey with a comprehensive ecosystem comprised of: A Startup Factory (mentoring programs and access to funding); A Web3Academy (certified Masterclasses in blockchain, crypto, and Web3); Diversity Recruitment Agency (matching women with web3 job opportunities); and consultancy and advisory services to support companies in their D&I strategies.

xCollective is a recruitment company on a mission to empower women and nonbinary people to access paid jobs in Web3.

Bad Bitch Empire hosts a Bitcoin Bootcamp, which provides four lessons in becoming an investor, a 60-minute crypto learning session, coaching, and guidance and support through an online group of other investors.

Fame Lady Squad (FLS) launched in July 2021 as the “first female avatar project of all time,” but was soon uncovered as a project run by three Russian men. The original founders rightfully turned it over to the community, which eventually became a leadership team of two women and one man. FLS “aims to provide opportunities, education and support in the Web3 space wit ha focus on inclusion of women of all backgrounds.”

If you're philanthropic:

Boss Beauties is “on a mission to make a difference providing mentorship programs and internships to women in High School and College, while funding scholarships for women in the community.” Additionally, it sends back proceeds from primary and secondary sales of their NFTs to supporting the collection, token holders, and the young women in the community.

Flower Girls NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique tokens by a female artist. Flower Girls donates 20% of profits from both primary and secondary NFT sales to a variety of children’s charities. Flower Girls gives an additional 5% of profits towards collecting children’s NFT art. Flower Girls has donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, among others.

World of Women is about empowering Women through art and promoting diversity. World of Women also donates 2.5% of all primary sales to She’s the First (funds and supports local solutions to educate and empower girls), Too Young to Wed (fights against the practice of child marriage), and Strange Cintia (supports a community member’s fight against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

Women Rise is focused on advancing women’s rights and girls’ education through NFTs and Web3 by building the first school in the metaverse for the 258 million children who have no access to education (of which 129 million are girls).

If you want to be in the know:

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There’s something for everyone in this space, and hopefully this article has helped take some of the guess work out of getting started. Know of another company embracing women in NFTs and Web3? Share it in the comments, or shoot us an email at

By: Rachel J. Hong



Flower Girl #6166 by Varvara Alay, generated from hand-drawn elements and stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. 20% of primary and secondary profits donated to a range of children's charities. 5% of primary and secondary sales used to collect children's NFT art. Visit Flower Girls website for full roadmap.