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Challenges When Facing Business Disputes: How To Handle Problems That Arise With Partners, Vendors & Customers


Jennifer Zourigui leads roundtable discussion for NAWBO-NYC Small Business Boot-Camp

On February 24, 2017, Jennifer Zourigui led a discussion for the National Association of Women Business Owners' (NAWBO-NYC) Small Business Boot Camp.  The round table, titled ​Challenges When Facing Business Disputes: How To Handle Problems That Arise With Partners, Vendors, And Customers, focused around the breakdown in business relationships that can arise and how to navigate these disputes.  Topics included:

  • Negotiating a resolution
  • When to get an attorney involved
  • Evaluating the strength of your position
  • Being practical and eliminating heightened emotions
  • learning how to avoid litigation 
  • understanding the process of litigation and arbitration should it come to that  

To learn more about the Small Business Boot Camp click here.