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Ingram Attorneys to Speak at Anchin Construction & Development Forum


On February 9, 2017 Jessica Rothman and Robert Banner will present a lunch workshop for Anchin's Construction & Development Forum:  "Playing Nice with the Neighbors: Dealing with Adjoining Properties during Construction."  Builders/Developers must understand not only the obligation to avoid damaging adjoining property but the severe consequences ignoring this obligation could have on the project, including delays in the development process.  Litigation is always best avoided if possible, and many of the issues that can lead to conflict can be easily resolved and, in fact, avoided altogether.  It is of great benefit to both the builder and the adjacent property owner to work through a license agreement that addresses both the developer's right to develop and the neighbor's right to the use and enjoyment of his or her property. 

This workshop will reveal the 10 most important considerations in reaching an agreement that is reasonable and fair to both sides.  If the end game is community renewal and rising property values for all, playing nice with the neighbor is everyone’s best interest.