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WEBINAR – Navigating Key Legal & Business Issues Posed by COVID-19 Part II


This webinar, presented by Melissa Billig and Sheila Di Gasper, is a follow-up from the April 2 event on navigating key legal and business issues in the wake of COVID-19. It will dive more deeply into updates on the CARES Act.

This session will also review legal and business issues posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and help attendees mitigate risk and navigate business challenges. Some of the key topics that will be discussed are: 

  • How best to deal with project suspensions and schedule impacts 
  • Whether COVID-19 is a force majeure event (and whether you want it to be) 
  • Documenting schedule delays and payment issues 
  • Protections to include in future agreements given the vast uncertainties in schedules, labor, and supply chains disruptions and funding 
  • The impact on COVID-19 losses on your employees and operations