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Ingram Attorneys Conduct Acquisitions & Due Diligence Workshop at 8th Annual NY Multifamily Summit


Multifamily Acquisitions & Due Diligence in Today's Deal Challenged Market

The due diligence process is an extremely important and also challenging aspect of investing in multifamily property. If it’s not conducted thoroughly you could end up with a bad deal and a potentially huge loss in your investment. What are the common pitfalls when acquiring multifamily property? What common strategies may help in negotiating the purchase? What if there is commercial space on lower level? What regulations and laws might affect the deal? Are any of the apartments subject to rent regulation, and if so, are the apartments and corresponding rents properly registered with the State? Get answers to these questions and more during the “Multifamily Acquisitions & Due Diligence Workshop in Today’s Deal Challenged Market” workshop.


Cory L. Weiss
Neal Weinstein
Amol Pachnanda