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See You In Court: How NYC Landlords, Tenants Are Left In Lurch By 421-a Expiration

With the future of 421-a still uncertain, Bisnow spoke with Cory Weiss about how developers and landlords are operating in its absence.

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The Arbitration Agreement: Tips for Drafting an Effective Arbitration Clause

The purpose of an arbitration clause is to resolve disputes and not create them. Drafting an ambiguous or inadequate arbitration clause can lead to greater delay and expense.

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How to Handle the Legal Issues That Haunt the Rise of Ghost Kitchens

There are certain legal concerns particular to leasing and using Ghost Kitchens that both the lessor and the lessee must consider, and the sooner, the better.

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Be Careful What You Share Pre-Merger With Your Deal Partner

This article, written by Cailtin L. Bronner, Partner in Ingram's commercial litigation group, discusses the current legal landscape surrounding document sharing during the pre-merger stage of a merger transaction.

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Security deposit insurance: A better alternative for landlords

Recent changes in the legal requirement for tenant security deposits have forced more landlords to consider security deposit insurance to protect their assets.

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Reducing Liability in Emergency Response

This article discusses lessons learned in the aftermath of emergency responses and ways in which A/E professionals can reduce and manage risks in order to continue providing vital emergency response service.

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