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See You In Court: How NYC Landlords, Tenants Are Left In Lurch By 421-a Expiration

With the future of 421-a still uncertain, Bisnow spoke with Cory Weiss about how developers and landlords are operating in its absence.

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Electronic Lease Offering and Tenant’s Voluntary Consent

On March 25, 2022, the DHCR issued Operational Bulletin 2022-1, entitled “Electronic Lease Offering and Tenant’s Voluntary Consent”, as a result of the recent enactment of Chapter 74 of the Laws of 2022.

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Maurizio Anglani Helps Host Guess-A-Sketch, an Architecture-themed Tournament

Join us March 10 to see live sketching by Tonja Adair of Splice Design, Alexandra Barker, FAIA, LEED AP of Barker Associates Architecture Office, Matthew Bremer of Architecture in Formation PC, and Calvin Tsao of Tsao & McKown Architects.

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How to Handle the Legal Issues That Haunt the Rise of Ghost Kitchens

There are certain legal concerns particular to leasing and using Ghost Kitchens that both the lessor and the lessee must consider, and the sooner, the better.

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Succession Planning 2021: What Current Leaders and Future Leaders Need to Know

To help AEC industry leaders understand how to identify, assess, and develop valuable succession planning strategies, Ingram has teamed up with Anchin to present this webinar exclusively for members of AIANY and ACEC New York.

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Be Careful What You Share Pre-Merger With Your Deal Partner

This article, written by Cailtin L. Bronner, Partner in Ingram's commercial litigation group, discusses the current legal landscape surrounding document sharing during the pre-merger stage of a merger transaction.

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Ingram Shares Late-Breaking Developments Regarding Non-Fungible Tokens Through The NFT Newsroom

NFTs are opening up new markets and opportunities for monetizing creative works in ways that previously did not exist. As this new technology gains foothold in mainstream media, novel legal issues are bound to emerge.

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