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How Mike Met His Party Pigeon - One Attorney's NFT Journey
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Last week, [Michael Mulia][1] had a chance to visit the “NFT ATM,” the first of its kind located at 29 John Street in the Financial District.

Michael shares, "My favorite part about the experience (and I am fairly certain this is what the ATM’s creators, NFT and digital collecting platform Neon, were aiming for) was the ability to purchase the NFT without using cryptocurrency, hot wallets, cold wallets, or lukewarm wallets. For an NFT “newbie” like myself, I felt more at home purchasing an NFT with my credit card. The minor pitfall, as you will see in the video, was that the machine didn’t dispense my NFT, but a box that contained a card with a QR code. This led me down a road with a few technical hurdles, but I eventually navigated my way to my brand new NFT. My short journey to NFT ownership can be viewed below. Enjoy!"